My Idol

My first post will be dedicated to my biggest inspiration right now: Scott Jurek.


I recently finished Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, and even more recently Eat and Run by Scott Jurek.  Born to Run was first recommended to me by my trainer.  I had started it around Christmas, but really didn’t pick up my reading until the day before the Carlsbad Half Marathon (for some added inspiration).  This book started out primarily about the Tarahumara, an almost mythical tribe of Indian runners in Mexico who embody the ancient “Running Man.”  They are able to run for days, sustain themselves on corn beer, some corn mixture and chia seed drink.  It was interesting–but then I got into the ultra-runners–and that’s when I got hooked. I became transfixed and fascinated with how some people are able to run so much!

The next day I ran my race, not hyped up with adrenaline, but relaxed, and ready to sit into and run my own race.  I finished comfortably with my best time, a 1:44:09, beating my previous PR at the AFC with a 1:44:51.  This race reignited my running spirit.  It had been exactly one year since I last raced (my previous half being the Carlsbad 2012).  I had sold my bib for the past AFC because I didn’t feel trained enough.  But now, I was back on the grind, and became determined to run the Triple Crown again this year.  With the Torrey Pines State Reserve in my back yard (close to work), I figured, I might as well.


So naturally, being so inspired, I followed suit with another book about Ultra-marathoners–Eat and Run.  Somehow–I don’t even know how–this book made me feel so empowered!  I felt like I wanted to do it all.  Namely, just run 13.1 miles (vs. 50-100+).  So I took off for the hills.  Literally.  I went Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday last week, biting off hill repeats, and one long 10-miler up the hill, 5 miles out to UCSD, and back to Torrey Pines State Beach.  


This book not only gave me a different perspective on running, but also a different perspective on eating/fueling.  Which will bring me to one of my upcoming challenges…TBD (to be discussed).

My Book Rating: 10/10! Dis book da bomb.


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