3-miler turned 6

Today, I didn’t even know if I wanted to run.  It’s been 60 degrees too cold lately!  Reluctantly I started out with the intention of doing just a 3 mile run and attending a 24hr Boot Camp class.  But as the run progressed, I reasoned I should do 4.  And then 4 turned into 5, and then within seconds of the idea of 5 popping into my head, I settled on 6–3 miles out and back (and maybe now no class).

photo<–sheer/questionable happiness on the beach

The hardest part for me of any run, is just making it to the half-way point.  For some reason, my body (or my mind) equates the first half with the whole run (i.e. I’m running 10 miles total–5 miles out and back.  But at mile 3, those last 2 miles to the turn] around make it feel fatigued like I’ve almost reached mile 10.  However, once I hit that turn around mark, the run is an absolute breeze!  I don’t have to worry about conserving my energy because I know I’m home free.  I have to run back, because there really is no other option.



Today I wore my older shoes which stink-stank-stunk.  These are another pair of lunarglide+4, the pair I had before I really needed wanted the shield’s with reflective and water repellent powers.  I justified that I would be running early mornings and/or nights.  Well the shield’s repeatedly cut my ankles on long runs, and the water resistance became a vice when I couldn’t clean them!  Long story short, I think I need to get another pair of shoes because I’m not ready to be a minimalist, and I.am.just.obsessed.with.shoes.    


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