“The Key to Life is Running and Reading”

Who knew Will Smith actually provided the quote above via his Kid’s Choice Award speech in 2005?

Personally, I think I am addicted to reading…about running.  Maybe I am just trying to live vicariously through these authors/runners?  I will say though I have been trying to practice what they preach.  I am becoming more conscientious of my form and have started using some of the techniques they intersperse throughout their narratives.  I really enjoy this kind of non-textbook-like learning.


So last night I started What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami.  And so far, he seems more average, or “mediocre” as he puts it, in terms of running.  It might be more relatable.  But we will see.

Tonight I decided to go to BODYPUMP with an instructor who slightly reminds me of Jillian Michaels.  I nixed my run for the day, having done a significant amount the past two.  Instead I warmed up on the treadmill, doing a sprint sequence I made up on the spot.  I actually liked it though and thought it was pretty ingenious.  It was the perfect no-brainer workout.  I sprinted for 45 seconds, stepped off for 15.  Then every 2 rounds, I would increase the speed by .2.  I did this from 8mph to 9mph.  Below is a play-by-play.  45 seconds just seemed to fly by.  I moved my feet quickly, and imagined myself out for a rather swift and brisk walk (even though I never really do such a thing).  Treadmills really aren’t so bad now that the new gym has treadmills set up with TVs (much better upgrade than watching yourself sweat and suffer in a full body mirror).  So watching Kim & Kourtney Take Miami or The Big Bang Theory becomes acceptable and helps to pass the time.

0-3:00 – Warm up at 7.5 mph
3-3:45 – Run at 8mph           3:45-4 – Break
4-4:45 – Run at 8mph           4:45-5 – Break
5-5:45 – Run at 8.2mph        5:45-6 – Break
6-6:45 – Run at 8.2mph        6:45-7 – Break
7-7:45 – Run at 8.4mph        7:45-8 – Break
8-8:45 – Run at 8.4mph        8:45-9 – Break
9-9:45 – Run at 8.6mph        9:45-10 – Break
10-10:45 – Run at 8.6mph   10:45-11 – Break
11-11:45 Run at 8.8mph      11:45-12 – Break
12-12:45 – Run at 8.8mph   12:45-13 – Break
13-13:45 Run at 9.0mph      13:45-14 – Break
14-14:45 – Run at 9.0mph    14:45-15 – Break
14-15 – Cool down walk at 4mph


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