photoIt’s 10pm on a Friday night and I’m reading, relaxed, and ready for bed.  This afternoon I rediscovered the benefit of libraries…free books!  The past couple of days I’ve gone a little crazy, putting several/all books I might possibly want to read, on hold.  The only negative thing about libraries is that you have to share said free books, thus wait. duh.  I found it almost impossible to get any of the books I wanted.  But low and behold today I got my hands on a copy of Chi Marathon (which will prelude into my theme of “mindfulness“).  This book (although I haven’t started reading it yet) combines the mindset (and attention to detail) of tai chi with running, resulting in a pain-free experience.


After work I did a light run on the beach.  The tide was low enough I was able to make it all the way around to dog beach.  The only thing missing was one of my dream dogs (Shiba Inu and/or Miniature Australian Shepherd)!  After this “life-is-pretty-good” run, I headed over to CorePower for a 75 minute HPF (Hot Power Fusion) class.  It’s been a while since I’ve done yoga, the last time was right before my last half marathon.  But even before that, it was probably back in March of last year when I cancelled my membership?  I can’t even remember!  At first I was worried I had lost my yogini-groove.  But since I am strength training, my muscles don’t get weeble-woobly, and my balance is still good, so I’m able to sit deeper into poses.  The hardest part for me is being mindful and present in my practice.  Usually my thoughts start to wander and I start thinking about every little thing possible.  I think now I am going to work on incorporating hot yoga classes into my workout schedule because I just feel so refreshed and relaxed afterwards.  It kind of rebalances my mood too.  I think it’s a perfect Friday activity because it kind of rounds out the week and gets you ready for the weekend.


Tomorrow I start the Whole30 where I will need to be mindful of my food and my approach to eating (i.e. not sitting in front of TV or computer and multi-tasking).  I am prepared food-wise with recipes I’ve been “pinning” for the past couple of weeks.  I even went to the extent of planning out my first two weeks of meals in an excel, the groceries I will need, and where to buy them…I just like to plan!  “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!”  I will cut out grains (my beloved gnu bars and veggie patties at Burger Lounge), dairy (almond milk/tea mistos/Starbucks!), and legumes (beans, lentils, etc. which I haven’t been too crazy about as of lately).

What I am hoping to get out of the program: better sleep,increased energy levels, stabilized moods (not being tired cranky), the ability to do everything and a slimmed down physique to see the results of all the work I’ve been putting in.  I do think this program is realistic though (unlike juice cleanses where I can only physically drink maybe 3 of 6 juices at best and end up starving the rest of time or just giving up).  And after reading through the book, It Starts With Food, it makes sense.  But, don’t ask me to actually recall anything!   I do, however, remember keywords like insulin, leptin and cortisol…

Sleep now.  Tomorrow’s the big day!


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