Holy Grail of Fermented Tea


I finally tried kombucha on tap (pineapple flavor) and it was so good!  This spurred me to buy a jug of pineapple juice for my next flavor of homemade scoby juice.  I really wish I could invest in a keg and make my own on tap.  However first, I should really try and master the art of making kombucha!  This time I am doing my best to actually produce a drinkable batch.  The past 2 times (before I stopped in October) had 1. a metallic taste (which I thought might be from the mason jars) and 2. tasted like nothing worth drinking.  I just brewed the tea and put the scoby in the vessel, so if this all goes well, I will undoubtedly post a “how-to make kombucha” just from pure joy.


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