Slow Runnings: Day Two

This morning I woke up and wasn’t hungry at all.  Which was unusual, especially because I slept in from 11pm-10:30am!  After some blood orange and strawberries, we went for a 7 mile run around the harbor.


I felt incredibly slow, like I was moving two elephant stumps.  Whenever I hit a day like today, I always feel discouraged.  It makes me feel like I will never be able to move my legs ever again.  Maybe this is just part of the Whole30 process.  Post-run we had a delicious omelet with avocado, mushrooms and sweet tomatoes, with a side of roasted sweet potatoes and some leftover chicken.


Then we took on the biggest feat of the day — even bigger than running 7 miles–shopping at Costco on a Sunday afternoon.  Luckily we got out of there pretty quick and painlessly.  I’ve learned that I can barely buy anything at Costco because 1. quantities are so large it will most likely go bad before I can eat it 2. quantities are so large I don’t have enough room to store/freeze it 3. quantities are so large I will probably get sick of it before it makes up its value.

For dinner we had seared scallops, over a salad of mixed greens, toasted almonds, avocado and orange segments with a side of slow roasted tomatoes.  This was very filling, and we were completely satisfied later with a dessert of fresh pineapple chunks.



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