My Baby: Day Four


So this morning I went to make a breakfast squash–essentially a squash egg vessel.  However, once I started cutting my squash, I realized that I had bought kabocha instead of delicata.  I knew that delicata was yellow, and even though kabocha is green, I thought “a ha! I finally found it!”  So I proceeded to make roasted kabocha squash from Nom Nom Paleo.  And now I think I have found my new favorite squash!  Its starchy, and soft, and semi-sweet with the coat of coconut oil.  It’s perfect.


To keep the great day going, I purchased my new baby: Garmin Forerunner 610.  It has so many features that makes it the perfect little gadget, from personalized screens to the virtual runner to the heart rate monitor.  I love it already!


I went for a run after work and felt like an all-star athlete.  With my Garmin and my ProCompression socks on (that just make you feel “pro-runner”), I set off at a 7:30 pace.  This slowed as the run went on and the bottom of my feet began to feel blistered.  When I finally figured out how to stop and save my data, I found I ran 6 miles in 49:42 (8:17 pace).  I also learned my theory of thinking I burn about 100 calories for every 1 mile is inaccurate.  I burn about 3/4 of that. Which is just good to know.

Dinner was the same as yesterday, with some added kabocha squash.  Now it’s time for my guilty pleasure…PLL!


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