1020: Day Five


Today, at work, I met with the director of the Austin 10/20 race, and soon to be U-T California 10/20.  This new race will consist of 10 miles (supposedly 10 is the new 13.1) and feature 20 bands (or 21 if you want to count the headliner).  It will run along the coast from the Del Mar Fairgrounds, right past the Cardiff Kook.  The national benefiting charity is the American Cancer Society, but they’ve also partnered up with local non-profits!  I was taunted with the first place prize ($5,000)…however, that does come with a time.  A whopping 10 miles in 55 minutes!  Heh, ya right.  With a band at almost every 1/2 mile, this will definitely be a race I’ll able to follow the suggested rule of no iPods or headphones.

Do you run with headphones when you race?  What’s your favorite racing distance?

Whole30 update: Today consisted of the same foods as yesterday.  I added some raw almonds and goji berries into the mix as a pre-workout snack.  P.S. Goji berries are my new favorite thing.  They taste like candy!

I went to file my taxes today and got a big wake up to Adulthood.  This caused some stress, but working out made me feel so much better!  It literally pushed some air into my lungs and got me breathing.  I felt so relaxed afterwards.


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