All Cave Girl: Day Six

Today I had shin splints.  Which should have been unheard of SINCE I wore my compression socks to bed (until my feet started to sweat) and all day at work.  We were only able to run 1, walk 1, run 1, walk 1.  Totaling 2 miles running, 2 miles walking.  Oh well! I was moving at a snails pace trying to ease the pain, I’m sure I was moving just as fast walking.  The run was quite lovely, as we found a trail along the coaster tracks.  The clouds looked soft, with pastel colors of blue, creamsicle and pink that reminded me of baby booties/pillows.

Post-run we stopped by the new Whole Foods to scavenge for dinner, resulting in what I would deem the definition of Paleo: meat on meat on meat.  When I first told my brother I was going to do Whole30 and that it’s basically like strict paleo, he then told my dad “Ash is going to be eating mastodon!”


Now, I don’t usually eat a lot of red meat.  I think because sometimes when I run I get this metallic, bloody meat kind of taste, which reminds me of raw steak.  But tonight, burgers sounded good and I’m feeling kind of ballsy lately, eatin’ chicken wangs fo breakfast ‘n all.  Then I suggested we add the forbidden B A C O N (another ingredient I don’t usually eat).  I’m not sure if this bacon was 100% Whole30 compliant, but we picked a brand that didn’t even list a nutritional value for sugar and the ingredients read “trace amounts of sugar.”  We cooked the bacon, then cooked the burger patties in the bacon grease.  Served these babies wrapped up in rainbow chard, with a side of sauteed mushrooms, zucchini and some roasted kabocha squash for that “french-fry” effect.  The whole meal was juicy, filling, and delicious!


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