Solitude: Day Seven

As of recently, all I’ve really wanted is to have a running friend.  But today, I think I’ve come to terms with my solitude.  The early day was gray, stormy and overcast, but by the time late afternoon hit, it was beautiful!


The mix of this serenity with an easygoing “Hipsters work out, too” 8-tracks playlist pumped so much adrenaline and feeling of well-being into my body.   I ran the same trail I discovered yesterday and even though it was fairly soggy, I increased my pace significantly.  I was even hitting spouts of a 6:30 pace (for all of maybe 10 seconds).  My first mile was an 8:30 and my return was a 7:45.  Overall: 2 miles, 16:14, 8:07/mile pace.


Then to round out my peaceful state, I went to a CP2 class.  It always surprises me how much I end up sweating.  I literally soaked through my entire leggings and sports bra.  I ended up having to go shirtless (ooh la la!) because I learned my top was not conducive to inversions and kept flopping into my face.

Post yoga I stopped by Whole Foods, again.  I picked up some larabars for just in case instances (Whole30 approved) and a variety of “butters” –coconut, macadamia, pecan and walnut.  I also discovered Japanese Yams.  I did a quick google search at the store to see what they were like and if they were compliant.  They just seemed to be starchier and drier than garnet yams, and one source suggested cooking them with more liquid than you would for a normal yam.

photoDinner was pretty basic, just using up what I had (i.e. one chicken wing). I ended up poking the japanese yam all over with a fork and cooking it in the microwave for about 3 1/2-4 minutes.  I topped it with a little bit of coconut butter–and I can kind of see now how people just eat coconut butter.  I also sprinkled a little bit of salt and pepper.  With the contrast of salty and sweet…I thought it was very enjoyable!

Do you prefer running alone, with a friend, or a group of people?


3 thoughts on “Solitude: Day Seven

  1. i usually run alone (with a great playlist to keep me company) because then i don’t need to feel pressure to run faster than is comfortable, but then again, running with a partner can motivate you, so sometimes that’s nice as well..

    • I feel the same way! I usually like to run alone because then I can gauge my pace and sometimes I end up pushing myself more. Sometimes when I run with other people I psych myself out that I will tire faster or won’t be able to keep up.

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