Cheat Day: Day Nine

Today was a day of decadence.  A cheat day I knew would come long before I started the Whole30.  My dad came down to attend my vintner dinner, so I wasn’t going to compromise the day with trying to be Whole30 compliant.

This morning I woke up at 8am, even with the time-change happening.  I have been waiting for spring forward to happen ever since the fall back (I hate early nights).  Then I ran the slowest 6 miles of my life!  My heart rate was up even though it felt impossible to get my legs moving.  Sunday’s are quickly becoming my worst running days.  Then I ran an additional 3 at a slower speed for a total of 9 miles.


We had brunch at one of my favorite places, Solace and the Moonlight Lounge.  We shared an over-the-top cinnamon roll with a literal mountain of frosting.  Then I had the spicy honey greek yogurt with homemade granola.  After this I felt like I went into sugar shock!


The day’s main event started at 6pm at Pacifica Del Mar.  5 courses– from a boucheron cheese puff,  seared day boat scallop, espresso-rubbed duck breast, peppered striploin steak and a spiced carrot cake, each paired perfectly with wine from a riesling, rose, pinot noir, cabernet and port.


This was one cheat day well spent. 🙂


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