Sleepless: Day Ten

After yesterday’s cheat-day-to-the-max, I could not fall asleep until 2:30am.  I was more than ready to start eating clean again.  Today, to stay en route, I took my dad to lunch at the new Whole Foods (they have an actual service restaurant!) before he left.  I was able to make my own salad and from the salad bar while my dad enjoyed a good looking meal I realllllly wanted a taste of: sausage flatbread and crisp, golden-brown french fries.  Before we left we bought some funky sumo tangerines, some of the ugliest looking fruit I’ve ever seen.  A good 30% of their weight probably comes from their skin!  The fruit has a very strong and sweet flavor, and hit you with a bit of sour zest at the end.


After work I was too tired to run, so I just went to a CP2 class.  I think Monday’s and Friday’s are going to be my yoga days.  It’s a good way to start and end the week.  Then I went to Whole Foods, again again again!  It’s just too convenient.  I bought ingredients to make Whole30 Pesto “Noodles” the right way, and some pork chops for protein.    photo

With a coconut water/pineapple puree smoothie and a couple mulberries (my new favorite dried berry- with iron and protein benefits) I am satisfied and set for an early night.


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