Fresh Air: Day Eleven

Last night I didn’t really sleep well again.  I’m just waiting for my body to get back into sync.  For breakfast I had my usual egg omelet (so fluffy it’s like a pancake), with my new favorite Japanese yams, PLUS some chicken lemon kale sausage from Whole Foods.  There were no funky additives or additional sugars, so these were a go!  They were pretty good too except I had a hard time figuring out when they were cooked.  Have you ever cooked a green sausage?


Due to lack of sleep, I was tired again today, and was not feeling a run.  I just felt very light-headed and lethargic.  I started to get that clausterphobic feeling from sitting inside all day and decided  I just needed some fresh air.  I went for my light, 2 mile trail run next to the coaster.  I finished these with an average 7:47/mi.  Then I got back onto the road and ran 3 miles out and back on the beach at 8:35/mi.


Between last night and today I picked up on 2 new techniques that I tried to implement in my run. 1. Run with a slight forward lean (ChiMarathon), and 2. Pay attention to breathing: inhale for 3 strides, exhale for 2 (Runner’s World, April 2013).  Between these techniques, I 1. felt like I was using my energy more efficiently by falling into the pull of gravity, forcing the propulsion of my feet and I 2. lost myself in my breathing, resulting in a more relaxed but mindful run.

Later I went to a CP2 class and felt amazingly refreshed awards- per usual.  I bought a new jellylulu (Lululemon) top from the studio that I just so happened to be eyeing and that just so happened to be on sale!


Then I realized by the time I got home PLL would on/recording and I realized my day had turned out to be really great!

What do you focus on when you run?  Do you have a certain breathing pattern?


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