Oceanic Breath: Day Twelve

I just tried meditating.  I took advice from a Yoda pin on Pinterest.


I set my timer.  And it lasted 5 min 43 sec.  I never thought I would be one to be able to meditate.  Mainly because my mind is constantly thinking of something.  But it’s something that I want to try to bring more peace into my life.  I tried really had to focus on my breath and imagine the inhale as ocean waves sweeping back and the exhale as the waves crashing into the shore.  When I started to lose focus I started to count my breaths, 5 in, 5 out.  My breathing started to get deep and my head started to feel light and airy.  Maybe I will try this in the morning sometime, and I’ll try to look further into it besides a “Color Me Yoda” guide to meditation.

Before training today I did a quick little treadmill workout while watching The Town. 

1 mile warm-up at 7.5 mph (8:00 pace)
1 mile at 8.5 mph (7:00 pace)
0.5 mile at 9.0 mph (6:40 pace)

If I had more time, I thought this might be a little circuit that I could repeat.  It would be nice to push it hard and then recover back at a slower pace and build it up again.

Have you ever tried meditating?  How do you feel about treadmills?  


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