Early Morning Workouts: Day Thirteen

Today I took a rest day, and tomorrow I’m planning on going to yoga at 5pm.  That means no time for a run except for in the early morning.  dun dun dunnnnn.



Regardless of all those “pins” and tips on “how to wake up early and exercise,” it ultimately comes down to self-motivation and determination.  Only if you reaaally want to work out will you work out.  There’s more than one good reason to stay in bed = SLEEP.

Here are some things I find helpful:


1. Set out your clothes.  Or wear some of them to bed (something I don’t do too often).  For example, I have on a pair of Lululemon runder under’s that I’ve always wanted to sleep in– they’re that comfortable.  They feel like tight sweatpants (not in a disgusting way, almost like a second skin).  Now, I have a reason to wear them to bed–I’m prepping for my workout!

2. Set several alarms.  If waking up and working out is something important to you, drive yourself insane with the amount of alarms you set.  This will either a) cause you to wake up because of the constant sirens, or b) cause you to wake up because you wanted to sleep in but had to turn on your brain to figure out how to turn off all of the alarms before they sound off.

3.  Get out the door while you’re still too tired to realize what you’re doing.  Then run.  Just make sure you’re conscientious of cars and traffic.

4. Have a great playlist.  Either an upbeat (pop/hip-hop), mellow and relaxing (indie/acoustic), or top-hits (Bruno Mars, P!NK, Rihanna, etc).


5. OR…convince yourself you need to have the right gear for morning running and buy some reflective shoes (i.e. Nike Shield), even though it might not ever be that dark when you run in the AM.  Go on a morning running clothes shopping spree! 😛

When you’re first starting out with early morning runs, make sure you choose a tangible distance. Start with 1, 2 or 3 miles.  Something that won’t completely throw you off as you ease into this new routine.

Do you like AM or PM workouts?  How do you motivate yourself to get going?


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