Not A Morning Person: Day Fourteen

I woke up, several times last night, ready to go (first time being at 1am). However, 6:30am is still dark outside!  Uninformed are those who haven’t done an early morning workout since January -_- .  I ended up waiting until there was some sunlight around 6:50am.  Then I was only able to fit in 2 miles, as my first mile was so s l ooooooooooo w!  10 min/mile pace!  I’ve learned it literally takes me an entire mile to warm up.  Luckily, my second mile, at 7:44/mile, reassured me I could still run.  Morning workouts make you feel so accomplished–but they can be so hard to get used to.



After work I finished the day off with yoga.  I’m always so surprised at the amount I sweat!  Below is an intention I want to set for everyday.  To have determination when the sun rises, and be calm and content when the sun sets.




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