Early Bird: Day Nineteen

This morning I woke up at 530AM (insane!).  And went to yoga at 6, finishing just as the sun started to rise. Hot yoga’s a good morning workout because you’ll break a sweat, loosen up your body and still get a workout in without doing anything too intensive.  I can always rely on yoga even when I’m tired.

Post-yoga, I was up and ready for the day– a whole 30 minutes to spare before I normally wake up.  I  picked up some donuts to take to work that I couldn’t eat and successfully resisted.  I did refrained from getting any apple fritters because I knew that would be sheer torture.


Revelation of the day: I went to Target and got bored.  I didn’t even know that was possible!  Who doesn’t love Target?  I went after work just to kill time and I found myself incessantly wandering and wanting to leave.  Maybe because 1. I just went last Thursday (hehe) 2. I pretty much bought everything I needed last week 3. the inventory for everything I was interested in was low or nonexistent.

However, one of my favorite recent discoveries is the decorative candle section (different from the air freshener section with candles by Febreeze, Air Wick, etc).  Target has stepped its game up with some cute packaging and nice scents.  And this just feeds my indecisiveness.  With so many different brands that each have their own scents, containers, and sizes, I end up smelling so much I can’t smell anything anymore!  One of my favorite and new (to me) concepts is lighting a candle in my bathroom in addition to my room.  This just gives it a nice spa effect, especially when you’re showering.



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