So Hum: Day Twenty-Two

This morning I had training (where I did my first non-assisted pull-up!) and then went to a meditation yoga class at CorePower.  This class was $25 for non-members, and was crammed to the max.  We were informed of the basics of meditation as well as the benefits.  The main reason most people don’t meditate is because they don’t know how.  And the main reason most people do meditate (when they do) is to relieve stress.  Did you know that our body experiences, on average, a flight-or-fight reaction 8-10 times a day.  This disrupts digestion, and causes the blood cells to move towards the extremities.  The blood thickens and then the heart has to work harder to pump this through.  And when this happens, it takes about 16-36 hours for our bodies to resume a neutral state.  It’s an endless vicious cycle.  Meditating 20 minutes once a day, or better yet, twice a day, will help your body to reach homeostasis more quickly.  As you meditate, you will notice less stress, eventually you will start to glow and more people will be attracted to you.  Then you will be able to shape the world how you want it to be.

There are two different types of meditation we learned about; 1. metta meditation, which has to do with the Buddha and cultivating happiness from within.  2. mindfulness meditation, being present and letting your thoughts come, but labeling them and just letting them pass.  For beginners, it is often the easiest to start with a chant.  Say “so” when you inhale, and “hum” when you exhale.  These are the natural sounds of breath.  They also mean “That I am.”  From here you can move on to a mantra, then to the breath, and once you’ve mastered these, you can focus on the space between the breathes.

As we meditated (for what seemed like forever), I had a hard time concentrating.  With the BOOM BOOM of the music and the voice of the instructor from the Body Sculpt class next door, it wasn’t exactly silent.  Plus, my foot fell asleep and I kept trying to readjust my cross-legged position to bring back the feeling.  But when I finally started to ignore it, I started to get pins and needles!


Later I drove down to meet my mom and go to the Hot Chocolate 5k expo.  It wasn’t anything special.  It was held inside of an older building downtown, and it just seemed kind of dingy and had stained carpets.  There weren’t many vendors –just a couple soliciting time shares, free speculoos, some fondue chocolate dunked marshmallows and hot chocolate.  I did end up buying a 1/4 zip pullover with mesh armpits, because I’m all about letting those babies breathe.


After a long day (of being locked out of my mom’s house) we finally went to dinner at Candelas On The Bay in Coronado, which offers paleo options.  We started with the Tacos de Pato (duck tacos) paleo-fied by being wrapped in jicama.  Then we indulged in La Pesca (the fish of the day) which was a grouper crusted with pistachios served over a crab-stuffed tomato.  It was really nice to have these options, and they were very good!


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