Hot Chocolate 5K: Day Twenty-Three


For some reason I was unable to fall asleep until 2:30am.  However, I made sure to not panic with a 5am wakeup time.  Luckily we achieved our biggest challenge…waking up and making it to the race on time!  There were a lot of parking lots to choose from, but I prefer races with one designated lot connected to the start.  There were a ton of people by the time we got to the starting area (around 6:30am).  With a 6:45am start time, all of the corrals were packed (A-I).  I did like that they checked bibs for designated corrals, and only let you in if your bib specified.  The course was significantly hilly.  A lot more than I thought.  I didn’t really think to look at the terrain ahead of time, but knew that the main peak was at mile 2.  This came after about 1/4 mile of hills with short plateaus at each cross-secting block.  Then it was pretty much all downhill.

photoIt was definitely helpful to have my Garmin to gauge my pace and effort in between miles.  The race seemed to fly by!  I PR-ed (23:04, 7:27/mile pace), even though I’ve only run one 5K before.  But was happy with my time, and my abilities to run at this pace so early on a Sunday AM.  Mile 1: 7:53, Mile 2: 7:45, Mile 3: 6:53.  I just checked the official race results and they’re better than I thought!

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.48.56 PM

Post-race there were no medals.  Just a finishers bowl that was plastic and compartmentalized.


Everything I couldn’t eat (besides the banana)


Later, lunch was out again with my mom, so I paleo-fied Burger Lounge:
Full vegetable salad with no cheese, no corn, no dressing (and for me, no onions).  Add grass-fed beef patty and a side of lemon wedges (no olive oil available)


5 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate 5K: Day Twenty-Three

  1. Congrats – that is a fast 5K! And that race looks like so much fun. I ran the North Shore half marathon a couple years ago and from that I’m now on some e-mail list where I get emails about a bunch of Chicago races and this was one of them. Fun schwag : )

  2. Nice work on your 5k! I’ve heard a lot of great things about Hot Chocolate races… I don’t know if they have any in my area though.

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