Trail Running: Day Twenty-Four


I’m becoming increasingly fond of trail running.  It’s the one time when I can run without music, smell the foliage (that remind me of soap), and just relax.  It’s the one thing that gets my ticker going slowing.  My heart rate literally lowers.  Today we ran 5 miles out by the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve Trails.  I didn’t really know what to expect at first, because we entered off a street that’s practically a freeway- with cars zooming past at 50+ mph.  But once on this territory, it felt like another world (even though you could still hear the sound of traffic).  Supposedly you can ride your horse on these trails too, but it was tough enough squeezing our bodies through the pole barriers, I don’t know what kind of horse would fit!  With the sun slowly setting, the view looking over the lagoons and land we had run was so beautiful!  I wish I had taken some of my own pictures.  I wouldn’t mind having a house that faced out towards the ocean and the lagoon. 😉  The only negative was running back into a large swarm (I’d liken it to thousands) of little black bugs that stuck to my sweaty face! bleh.  Overall, I think I’d really like to try running a trail half or race.



Do you like trail running?  Have you ever run a trail race?


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