Plank A Day – One Week Challenge

There are a couple things I’ve been meaning to do on a daily basis:

1.  Take my heart rate first thing in the morning.  My trainer suggested I do this as a way to gauge my training.  Your heart rate will decrease if your workouts are effective.  But if you notice a spike in increase, this could be a sign that your training has plateaued.  This has been difficult because I’ve a. either been too tired to remember or b. my alarm surprises me and increases my heart rate.

2. Start a plank challenge.  Self-explanatory.  Summer is coming soon and I’ve been slacking/too lazy to do any type of core work aside from training.  This is difficult because a. I never seem to remember or b. keep putting it off.  However, planking is one of the easiest exercises to perform because you need absolutely no equipment.  You could pretty much do it anywhere!

So I’ve decided to start a 7-day challenge, and work on repeating from there.  One week seems palatable and easy to remember.  Plus I enjoy challenges that force me to be accountable.

The challenge:  Hold a plank, once a day, for as long as you can.  Chart your time, and try to hold it for longer the next day.  Repeat for 7 days*.

*Set a goal that you would like to achieve within a week.  The more you plank, the stronger your core will get, and the easier it will be to hold this position.

Today I started by holding to Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack (3:30).  Ultimately, I would like to hold for Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors (8:15).



4 thoughts on “Plank A Day – One Week Challenge

  1. Okay, no laughing but is there an app or something you all are using or is the goal to just do a plank a day and hold longer than the last one?

    Now you may laugh at me 🙂

    • Nothing special here! Just trying to hold a plank longer than the one before. I just play a song on my iphone or youtube to distract myself and use the timer at the top to push myself.

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