Sunday Run Day

Here’s a recap of yesterday’s activities.


WORKOUT: Slow and easy 10 mile run – 9:22/mi pace.
Plank-a-day: 4 minutes of Love Me by Lil Wayne


For dinner we made open-faced portabella bun burgers inspired by the picture of Indian Spiced Turkey Burgers in Practical Paleo.  We just made regular beef patties seasoned with some french tarragon, oregano, salt and pepper that sat atop a large portabella mushroom cap roasted in the oven for 12 minutes at 350 degrees F.  The mushroom added an extra meaty element and made the dish very filling.

photoAfter dinner we celebrated the last day of our Whole30 with some long lost Yogurtland.  Surprisingly, I didn’t miss it, even with the limited edition tiramisu flavor.  I even regret delving into this dessert too quickly before reintegrating dairy into my diet.  With the combination of dairy, sugar, sugar, sugar, and processed candies, it resulted in a restless night and stomach ache.  I have definitely learned a lot from the Whole30 process (recap to come) and plan to adhere closely to a Paleo diet from here on out (minus some social situations).


2 thoughts on “Sunday Run Day

  1. Everyone I know who has done a Whole 30 (including myself) has developed a sensitivity to dairy, even if they didn’t have one prior to Whole 30. I wish I’d known that going in…

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