Today Is A Good Day

After work consisted of a series of events:



6 miles up and down Torrey Pines hill, including a loop around the Guy Flemings Trail. There were many problems today.

1. Got that irony-proteiny taste in my mouth.  Really early on.  Like 2 miles in.  I still don’t know what this is, or what causes it.
2. Decided to spit incase this taste was a film in my mouth.  Spit was not clean and hung to my mouth.  Finally had to wipe the stringy spit on my shirt.
3. In addition, got really burpy.  One too many seltzer waters today.
4. Finally, shoulder started to hurt, which should not happen since my tata’s are not enough to cause strain.

There was a boy with a kind smile that passed me as I stopped at the water fountain.  He didn’t run too far in front of me and I just wanted to yell out “Hey, Boy.” And ask how far he was running or if he ever got this weird taste. I was just in a talking mood.  I let him go on his way as I am sure I was huffing and puffing today.




Went to try on some new things that just so happened to arrive in my inbox early this morning.  I’m still (surprisingly) hanging on to a gift card from Valentine’s Day.  I tried on like 8 things, left with nothing.  For some reason some of the tops had weird padding in the boobs that looked like my nipples sunk in.  Or in the case with no padding, I must’ve had bad headlights because all I could see was straight nip.  It was a no-win situation.


Made a repeat trip to Walmart (just went yesterday).  Resorted to purchasing my new favorite Men’s Fruit of the Loom tanks in heather colors (kind of American Apparel-esque).  They’re a steal at $3.97. I got one yesterday, slept in it, didn’t know what to wear this morning, decided I liked the shirt, wore it to work, then wore it to run.  I’ll say I got the value of the shirt in just one wear!



I also seem to make a bigger messes for myself than necessary.  Tonight I got a little ahead of myself and tried to fork a bit of meat into my mouth before I sat down.  My hand was unstable and plop!  There goes my steak and eggs.

Overall I’m happy I did some hill work (Run), saved myself from an anticipated shopping spree (Lululemon), economically added to my wardrobe (Walmartand waited it out for some crisp-skinned chicken wings (Dinner)!


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