I Am Impulsive

My impulsive moves for the day:

  • Racing – I just have the urge to just go balls up and do a marathon this year. This led to researching marathon training plans and potential fall races.  Kauai Marathon quickly became my ideal when I saw Dean Karnazes in the promo video, and then creeped on his website to see that he would be making an appearance this year (amongst other amazing factors).
  • Shopping – Thanks to Olive to Run‘s post/promo code, I bought two new pairs of ProCompression socks.  This was the lesser of evils, slated against a new pair(s) of shoes I really don’t need yet.
  • Running – Our run today started off at a 9:15 pace, decreased to 9:00 pace.  Then, since I felt the need to redeem myself after consecutive 9:00 pace runs, I ditched my running partner and hustled for a 7:47 and 7:45.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 11.05.24 PM

My short-lived, yet nonetheless, fast and final push

Area where I could use a little impulsive push: grocery shopping for dinner.  I walk around aimlessly and can’t make up my mind!  I am all burned out on most vegetables.  Mushrooms and zucchini just remind me of sogginess, cauliflower…I eat too much, broccoli…eh, and beets (the red ones…no, no) served me with a dose of beeturia.  This led to roasted brussel sprouts (which I eat just as much as cauli) and a complete failure of cooking artichokes.  Who knew the prep work was so tedious!  Then, the leaves didn’t turn out moist and meaty, rather hard and dry even though it simmered and steamed for over a good 45+ minutes.  Luckily my favorite part, the heart, still turned out.


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