Turf Over Surf

Yesterday I did my last 10+ mile run before the La Jolla Half on April 28th.  Next weekend I’ll be in NOLA for a Main Street conference, so I’ll only be able to get in an 8-miler the morning we leave.  Then the next weekend I’ll probably start my taper.

photo(Checking out our route for Sunday.  We saw a woman rollerblading with a small dog strapped to her front in some type of fanny-pack apparatus. ??? I’ve seen dogs in strollers, but that was a new one.)

For my long runs, I usually run through several coastal cities, and that’s how I mentally gauge it.  “Ok, I made it through Del Mar…next, Solana Beach, etc.”  This was a new run for me, and I knew it was going to be mentally difficult.  I coerced my mom to ride 12 miles on her bike, while I ran.  We went 1 mile through town (Coronado) to make it to the Silver Strand.  Then the next 5 miles out were flat and straight.  There’s nothing really out there, no big change of scenery.  I knew I just had to make it 6 miles and everything would be easy coming back.  It helped I found a good playlist on 8tracks with new songs that I ended up liking.

I set the initial pace around 8:30 and slowly inched my way up as the miles increased.  The whole time I just tried to keep a pace below 9:30.  At 5.75 miles I pushed myself to pass a boy (whose running reminded my mom of my brother) and sprinted the last quarter mile before I hit 6.  My fastest point at that time was around a 6:30.

I finally felt like I had a good long run, and it was kind of nice to have my mom following my pace.  At the end, I told her to go ahead because I wanted to push myself to catch up.   I sprinted mile 11-12 for a final mile pace of 7:30.  My overall run was a 8:46/mile, much better than my 10 mile runs have been going.


Post-run and after leaving my mom’s, I made the trek to Costco with my boyfriend, again, on a Sunday afternoon.  Not the best idea when you’ve got large families foraging over free samples.  At least this daunting task resulted in a juicy and flavorful surf and turf dinner a la ribeye and scallops that I DIDN’T HAVE TO COOK!  Woot, woot.  Looks like the turf beats the surf.


Anybody know any good running routes in New Orleans?
Where’s your favorite place to do a long run?


2 thoughts on “Turf Over Surf

  1. That’s awesome that you got to do your run alongside your mom. I really wish my mom would be more active! Also awesome how you pushed yourself through the run. Lately I’ve been kind of lazy about working in speed intervals. You’ve inspired me to kick it up a notch tomorrow!

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