I Think I’m Turning N’Awlins

New Orleans has been filled with typical fried New Orleans cuisine (think fried oysters, fried gator, fried crawfish, fried shrimp, fried catfish, on and on) as well as decadent nouvelle cuisine.  Healthy options are almost non-existent, and paleo has been out of question.  So, I’ve just been going with the flow, enjoying regional specialties.  Below is a dump of all the foodie pics from the past couple days.  Yesterday we were able to get out for a 3 mile run along the River Walk which was nice.  The food has been amazing, but I’ll be happy to get back to my normal eats.  I feel like I’m starting to turn into a beignet!


My name in N’Awlins.


Beignet #1 at Cafe Beignet


Gator Sausage Po’Boy at Bourbon House


Deconstructed Rootbeer Float at MiLa


The best Muffaletta sandwich at Central Grocery Co.


Beignet #2 at Cafe Du Monde.


New job 😉


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