Hi, I’m Ashleigh.  A 22-year-old, who likes running, loves reading about running, and enjoys talking about running (mainly to myself–hence the blog).  I go through phases of interests, but running has always been in the top.  I also like cooking, creative/crafty things on occasion, attempting to make my own Kombucha, yoga and recently NCIS.

What does a Daily Cup of Asheejojo mean?  It took me a while to think of a blog name because I wanted something unique and something that meant something to me.  I liked the concept of a daily cup of yoga, which reminded me of getting a daily dosage or your “daily cup of joe.”  Asheejojo is a nickname my dad gave to me when I was younger, and although people don’t call me that today, it’s kind of stuck for my usernames and such.

This blog will cover health, wellness, happiness in the form of (but not limited to) running, working out, yoga, meditation (my attempts), recipes, books, etc.

Want to connect?
Twitter: @asheejojo
Instagram: @asheejojo
email: dailycup.asheejojo@gmail.com

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