Spring Cleaning

I have a hoarding problem: magazines.

For some reason I can’t get rid of them.  Mainly because I’m too lazy.  I half-read them the first time, and then I don’t want to throw them away incase there’s something important I missed.  So piles have accumulated everywhere.  On my desk, under my bed, in magazine holders.  I even just bought a new basket to hold magazines.  What am I doing?

Anyways, I’ve come up with a solution to save the important stuff I might want to recall and discard the rest.  It’s a handy dandy binder!  With tabs marked by a label maker (my favorite tool), divided into nutrition, treadmill, speedwork, upper body and lower body to correspond with articles and workouts I’ve pulled from various magazines.  I make sure to highlight the information I want to find later, and then put them in sheet protectors.

Now I have less magazines and more organization!