Ramblings & TMI

Yesterday I was planning on going to Body Pump after work, pulling a double workout.  Unfortunately, it was full and if you weren’t on the list, you couldn’t get a pass, and you couldn’t participate.  Fortunately, the gym is conveniently located at the mall.  So because I couldn’t work out, I went and dropped some mad buck$$$ at Nordstrom.  I unremorsefully purchased a new wallet, new purse, new iPhone case, and tried on some new running shoes.  I’ve been wanting to check out Brooks Pureflow’s, but the size 8 was almost too tight and the size 8.5 were just too big.  Plus, when I looked down, I just felt like I had kangaroo feet.  I’m not dissing anyone out there with Brooks.  I liked yours so I thought I would like them for me.  I think I’ll probably just been sticking with Nikes.

Since my last race I’ve been wanting to buy some new shoes.  Completing and training for a new race is always a good excuse to buy new shoes.  However, I’ve been wanting to get properly fitted at Road Runner Sports, but I just haven’t had the time.  So I’ve been wearing an old pair of Nike Lunar Eclipse (like the one’s I re-bought and returned) because I figured they’re in ok shape since I never ran a race in them.  However, Saturday, towards the end of my 8 mile run, I started to feel a burn on the inner arch of my right foot.  Low and behold, a little blister, probably the size of my pinky-tip.  Sunday I just decided to run (10 miles) right on it, assuming it would just pop.  This didn’t happen, and it just got a little bit bigger.  Now, after running on it 6 miles yesterday and 4 miles this morning, IT IS HUGE.


all black err-thang at 6am

It takes 3 bandaids to cover it up.  I am literally walking on the side of my foot.  Pretty soon I’m going to need a crutch!  I feel like it’s slowly going to keep growing and take over my entire body.  I tried sticking it with a needle, but it’s just a flaccid mass (cute, huh?).  SPOILER: cover your eyes.


Post work I ran 3 more miles that were the most difficult.  I was over working my left leg, while supinating my right foot.  Overall, I’ve just been trying to increase my mileage this week, but it has just come to bite me in the butt.  Or maybe the loss of my right foot this is just a strong message: I NEED NEW SHOES 😉

3-miler turned 6

Today, I didn’t even know if I wanted to run.  It’s been 60 degrees too cold lately!  Reluctantly I started out with the intention of doing just a 3 mile run and attending a 24hr Boot Camp class.  But as the run progressed, I reasoned I should do 4.  And then 4 turned into 5, and then within seconds of the idea of 5 popping into my head, I settled on 6–3 miles out and back (and maybe now no class).

photo<–sheer/questionable happiness on the beach

The hardest part for me of any run, is just making it to the half-way point.  For some reason, my body (or my mind) equates the first half with the whole run (i.e. I’m running 10 miles total–5 miles out and back.  But at mile 3, those last 2 miles to the turn] around make it feel fatigued like I’ve almost reached mile 10.  However, once I hit that turn around mark, the run is an absolute breeze!  I don’t have to worry about conserving my energy because I know I’m home free.  I have to run back, because there really is no other option.



Today I wore my older shoes which stink-stank-stunk.  These are another pair of lunarglide+4, the pair I had before I really needed wanted the shield’s with reflective and water repellent powers.  I justified that I would be running early mornings and/or nights.  Well the shield’s repeatedly cut my ankles on long runs, and the water resistance became a vice when I couldn’t clean them!  Long story short, I think I need to get another pair of shoes because I’m not ready to be a minimalist, and I.am.just.obsessed.with.shoes.    

New Shoes

Born to Run brought to light the idea of “jogging” and the shoes created to accompany this culture.  Cushioned shoes, pronation, orthotics were all developed in the 70s with the first Nike shoes (the soles of which were first created from a waffle maker!).  One analogy that resonated with me was that even if you put an egg in an oven mitt and hit it with a hammer, the egg will still crack.  When running, your foot is ultimately trying to find stability, but with extra cushioning it has to work harder.  Even with all of that cushioning, it is still suffering impact.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 7.46.16 PM

After reviewing my race pics, I realized, I am definitely a heel striker (and I make the cutest faces).  And the thick, chunky heel of my lunarglide+4 (reviewed by runningwarehouse.com as a shoe for heel strikers) just reinforced this.  Born to Run made me think; How we run naturally without shoes; how you used to run as a kid, barefoot, through the grass, light and free; how the Tarahumara can run in huaraches with soles made of tire scraps.  How Barefoot Ted started running barefoot in an attempt to alleviate pain.


Regardless of how I ran my past race, I already knew I would treat myself to a new pair of shoes.  I eagerly ordered a pair of lunareclipse+2, craving the new bright lavender color (a shoe I previously had in black).  However, when I received them, I had already started questioning their cushioning.  So I ended up returning them.


Instead, I opted for a pair of Nike Free TR Fit 2 for a couple of reasons.  1. I could wear these for training and BODYPUMP (flat-soled shoes are good for weight-lifting, providing even distribution of weight) and 2. I could slowly transition into minimalist shoes since even when I ran with Nike Free’s I always added inserts.

These fit like gloves and I literally wanted to sleep in them the first night I got them (they were brand-spanking new and clean!).  However, when I first tried running in them, I had to run significantly slower.  And I was even being propelled by the treadmill!  Gradually I have started to work on my form.  Taking smaller strides, focusing on a light strike.  I almost envision my legs propelling in place like the Road Runner!  Someday I just want to run mentally detached from my legs.  I want to run miles (maybe just 26.2 someday) and not feel any pain!  This just means…TIME TO READ ANOTHER ULTRA-MARATHONER BOOK!